Thanks so much again for being a speaker at our Women of Tomorrow session last Thursday.  I really do appreciate you taking your time to give to the girls; that is so generous of you, particularly knowing how busy you are.  I was very pleased with your presentation, and thought it was smart to give them the opening exercise, then show them how their actions always affect future goals.  The feedback that I received was that the girls really enjoyed it as well, and were listening carefully because you were able to connect with them since you understood the subject matter, and you spoke their lingo.  They absorb a great deal, even if they don't always express it loudly.     You are welcome back any semester if you have the time to spare.  Thanks again.
Tracey U.
Women of Tomorrow, Miami, FL
"All I see is ‪possibility‬! After a coach-to-coach call with Misty. I feel so motivated!"
Miami, FL
You remind me of who I am and what is important. My Soul screams... THANK YOU when I read an email from you. You are an inspiration. THANK YOU from the deepest, best, and most awesomest places in my heart... keep being a badass!!
Bleider G.
"Misty, you never cease to amaze me with your insights. The session today was worth it's weight in gold. I so appreciate your willingness to share your gifts with me." 
Karen K.
"Misty is a soul that truly cares! Misty is truly gifted, she listens with great care and is very generous with her time. I never felt she was looking at the time, she was beyond time, always connected and really focused at helping me to get clear about what I really want and how to get there. The session left me feeling invigorated, motivated and with very clear tools to reframe my excuses towards positive and specific actions. I really got a lot from just one session with her. She sent me all the notes from our session and she was spot on. Highly recommend her, she is amazing and does give light and love."
New York, NY
Thanks for earlier. You are such a motivational coach! Definitely your calling! You’re really good at calming someone down and bringing them clarity. Thank you.
Miami, FL
"My session with Misty was very fulfilling. She asked me questions that helped me pinpoint certain fears that were holding me back in my work as a performer/speaker, and my life. Then she gave me exercises that changed my perspective about myself and my audience. From that I felt I was able to give myself permission to be me, then go and do just that! I’m having fun doing what I love, and it feels so easy now. Thank you, Misty! You rock!"
Pam B.
Miami, FL
"People come across our paths for many reasons; some of which we may never know. I have had the honor and privilege to meet Misty, who is genuinely thoughtful and caring. She helped realize my own potential and really help my soul grow. It is special people like Misty in this world that help others go above their own realized potential."
Miami, FL