Champion Mindset Performance

You made the team; suddenly there are new expectations to perform while everyone around you now holds you to the higher social standards of an athlete. The spotlight is on. Now what?

Join Coach
Misty Buck to
Act like a champion and be a champion in your life as a student athlete and beyond

Behind the prestige of being on the team, there are inherent expectations. Athletes who are good enough to make the team are perceived as people who have some sort of superpower. You are expected to be elite in every corner on and off the field. And what you may also not realize is that you are an expected to be an automatic role model just by being on the team. Suddenly, your actions between game day and practice matter just as much as what you do on the field. It takes a commitment, along with the right support, to balance your academics, sports, and a social life.

No one plays sports because they like to lose. But what happens when the competition and pressure to win comes from new and unexpected sources?

In this interactive workshop series you’ll build a personal playbook for your life as an athlete. Misty doesn’t just teach principles in a classic classroom setting, she also incorporates physical challenges to help the athletes connect body, mind and spirit.

Workshop topics include:

- Why social media can be your best friend or your worst enemy—and the steps you can take to protect your brand

- Tactics to help release anxiety and stress

- How to maintain motivation, even when it feels like you are failing

- How to stay level-headed during the game and in life

- How to use mindfulness like the pros

- How to stay in your zone no matter what others say and do

- Why trust is the key to being a champion

- Why focusing on your vision is the most important practice you can participate in

- How to set achievable goals that are aligned with your vision

- Why choosing a mentor and your inner circle is critical

- How to communicate like a leader