Athlete Mindfulness Coaching Programs

“You stop you. Nobody else does. Quit stopping you.” – Coach Jimbo Fisher

Unlock The Unlimited Performance Potential Within

Competition, both and off the field, is about exploding your talent into limitless potential. Misty Buck’s PurposeSoul® mindfulness coaching programs for athletes are designed to help you get clear about your vision, remove the intangible blocks that are holding you back, and attack your goals with purpose.

As a mindfulness coach, Misty works with athletes by focusing on key execution intangibles such as:

  • Mental strength training
  • Performance visualization
  • Crystal clear goal setting
  • Goal planning
  • Purposeful action
  • Maintaining motivation
  • Talent development
  • Removing invisible blocks
  • Focus enhancement
  • And more!

These primary building blocks help Misty’s clients transform from the inside out so that they can reach their goals of excelling whether it’s in the boardroom, the office, the classroom, or on the field/court or in the gym.

Misty begins by understanding her client’s goals and helping them break them down by priority so they can begin to take manageable action steps. She then guides them to identify mental blocks and how to break through them so that can perform at optimal levels and achieve the goals that they feel called to accomplish.

Living a life that satisfies your soul isn’t fluff or an unattainable fantasy. It’s living out your calling and desires without being concerned with limitations.

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